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2019-05-04 2019-05-11
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Link to DX-pedition GT3PYE/P - Isle of Man 2019
The 2019 Camb-Hams DX'Pedition is to the Isle of Man. We will be QRV on HF (80m - 10m) and VHF, including LEO sats and Es'Hail-2 (QO-100). We will be QRV late on Saturday 4th May and will be QRT on VHF around 16:00z on Friday 10th May. 80m & 40m will likely be QRV till late on Friday 10th May.

We will be QRV on CW, SSB and MGM on 6m, 4m and 2m.
- On 6m we hope to make more QSOs on CW/SSB than on FT-8, if the propagation allows. We hope stations will realise CW and SSB is much faster and personal when the 6m band is open due to Sporadic-E propagation, however we will use the mode which will generate the most QSOs at that time.
- In the past we have successfully completed a number of 2m EME QSOs at moonrise and moonset as we don't have elevation. We will try EME again this year if conditions allow.

The 6m and 4m antennas will be mounted on the same mast, this may limit the choice of modes/periods/directions which can be run on 6m and 4m at the same time. In previous DX'Peditions we have chosen to operate on only 6m or 4m when both bands are open, 4m being preferred over 6m if both are open. When operating MGM on 6m and 4m, it has been easy to make QSOs on both bands at the same time.

Operating QRGs will be announced once we are operating and have taken local QRM into account. Skeds are welcome via ON4KST chat when we are logged in.

We will also be QRV on 2m and 70cm LEO satellites and Es'Hail-2 (QO-100) in narrow band modes and DATV. However, the success of QO-100 will be determined by the local surroundings (trees, bushes etc) as the dish will be mounted on a sturdy tripod but it is only 1m above ground.

We will be QRV in the RSGB 144MHz MGMAC and UKAC contest on Tuesday 7th May, and the RSGB 50MHz MGMAC and UKAC contest on Thursday 9th May.

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  http://dx.camb-hams.com Gavin, M1BXF 2019-04-15

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