DXP Mobile

Recipe - "You can make it "

First you get need one piece of Toyota Rav4, preferably in a van version. This depends upon your local tax regime but in Denmark it is highly recommended as car tax in this case is only 50%; otherwise it would be 180%. The only draw back of a van version is that it only seats two adults and one small child.

The next thing you need is a lot of hours to construct the antenna platform including mast and the interior design. You may choose to do like I did and engage professionals or embark on a major mechanical design and interior decoration tour yourself.

The final touch is a dash of APRS.

Below pictures are from the first dry-run.

The hospital is over 100 m high. So quite a nice mast I have, huh?

Combat references

Monaco, JN33RR, September 2009.

Hanstholm, JO47HC, July 2010.


Other DXP mobiles

Uffe, PA5DD

Bo, OZ2M, www.rudius.net/oz2m