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5P1ER ERO The European Radio Office
DJ3LE Hans-Jürgen Lüthje Please visit my ex. German home page sponsor - nice guy!
DH8BQA Olli And the DF0TEC crew
G0MJW Mike Willis See Mike's tube
I5WBE Enrico Real time moon tracking from JN53JR
LA0BY Stefan Hech Check out the aurora pictures
OK1MAB Petr Bartovsky Czech it out
OX3LX Bo Christensen Cold stuff
OZ1IEP Carl Halkier Cloudy pages
OZ2TG Steen Gulstorff Not so colourful
PA5DD Uffe Lindhardt Ex. OZ1DOQ and PA3HDD
PE2KP Adriaan Very relaxed (ex. PE1KHP)
PI4AJS Contestgroup Twente Operated from PI4AJS in October 1997 Contest, best 70 cm ever
PI4ZLD Radioclub de Bevelanden The first Dutch Amateur radioclub on the World Wide Web
SM6USS Dennis Nice article on TACLog in QTC
SP3SUX Irec Lochert Nice pictures

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