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Most Wanted VUSHF DX

Most Wanted Contest - The Square and DXCC Cleaning Contest

Participants All licensed radio amateurs in IARU Region 1.
Date/Time 2009-04-01, 0000 UTC to 2010-03-31, 2400 UTC.
Sections Common section for all stations. The maximum radius of a site is 500 m.

All amateur bands from 50 MHz to 10 GHz.

Contacts Only contacts made with stations listed on one of the Most Wanted VUSHF DX lists are valid and the station must be listed before the QSO takes place.

Contacts must be fully completed within the contest period.

During the contact attempt no information concerning the contact must be exchanged on other media than the one where the contact attempt takes place. This excludes but is not limited to: DX Cluster, talk back, chat, e-mail and telephone.

If the National Regulatory Agency(ies) requires it participants can use as many calls on the air as required but can only use one Participating Call.

Exchange The following minimum information must be exchanged both ways: callsign, signal report and confirmation.

For Meteor Scatter contacts the IARU Region 1 VHF Committee MS Procedure must be used. RRR does not have to be sent both ways but only as the MS procedure stipulates one way to make the contact complete.

Points One point is awarded for each complete contact with a station from the Most Wanted VUSHF DX lists from each square or DXCC that the station is wanting.


50 MHz 1 432 MHz 2 3,4 GHz 5
70 MHz 1 1,3 GHz 3 5,7 GHz 6
144 MHz 1 2,3 GHz 4 10 GHz 7

Total score is the sum of the all the band scores from each square or DXCC where operation took place.

Awards Awards will be issued to the first three stations, to the station activating most entities, i.e. squares and DXCCs, and the station enduring the toughest constraints.
Entries Entries must be received no later than 2010-04-15.

ALL entries must show the Participating Call in the Club Station information line.

Entries must be submitted to "my call at mail dk" as attached and uncompressed file(s). Mail is only open from 2010-04-01 and until deadline. Entries are NOT received via snail mail!

Entries neglecting the rules and the spirit of the contest may be disqualified.

Manager The decision of the contest manager is final.

VUSHF DX www.rudius.net/dx