Next Generation Beacons


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On this page you will be able to download different software versions for and related to the the Next Generation Beacons platform.

The software for the VCO-PLL and DDS units are made with the free Atmel Studio package.


PI4 decoder programs Version
MSHV Windows and Linux application capable of decoding PI4 signal Open
PI-RX Windows application capable of decoding PI4 signal Open
PI4 encoding programs and source codes Version
Arduino C mixed mode (PI4, CW callsign and locator plus carrier) beacon source code No ver.
Borland/Embarcadero Delphi message to PI4 symbols application and source code No ver.
Microsoft C++ message to PI4 symbols command line program and source code No ver.
Microsoft Visual Basic message to PI4 symbols command line program and source code No ver.
PI4 online message to symbols encoding and frequencies generator using PHP (opens in a new window) Open
BeaconManager Version
Management program for the Next Generation Beacons platform units (DDS, GPSDO and VCO-PLL) Open
DDS, ATmega128A Version
Multimode modulation (CW, FSK441, FT8, IBP, ISCAT, JT4, JT6, JT65, JT9, MSK144, Opera, PI4, SBP, T10, WSPR and QRA64) source code and hex file 3.0.0
FreqCarrier Off is a small utility program to set a frequency in an AD9912 and turn it off again plus working with the registers 1.5.0
VCO-PLL, ATmega328 Version
VCO-PLL 1 GHz board source code and hex file 2.1.1
Recommended third party software Version
Atmel Studio by Atmel. Integrated software development environment ?
eXtreme Burner by eXtreme Electronics. Alternative programming software for Atmel MCUs ?
FT_PROG by FTDI. USB EEPROM programming utility ?
Termite by CompuPhase. Simple and easy to use terminal program ?

If you need older releases please contact Bo, OZ2M.

If you experience problems with connecting to the USB interfaces it is most likely related to the FTDI FT232R drivers. If so please consult the FTDI Installation Guides.

Further information

Please contact Bo, OZ2M, at my callsign @ this domain.

Bo, OZ2M, www.rudius.net/oz2m