Bo's, OZ2M, Software Page

Program Description Version
BeaconManager Management program for the Next Generation Beacons platform units (DDS, GPSDO and VCO-PLL) 1.2.5
Chad Advertising program for use on the ON4KST chats. Can send different unsolicited messages at random or at different intervals
DLogx All band logbook and station utility
ELoc2WWL Utility program to convert obsolete European locators into World Wide Locators 2003-12
eMMa e-mail management program for handling REG1TEST, MWD and other special formatted entries
KAT Keyer, for both voice and CW, special database look up program and rotator control program. (Sub-development to DLogx)
KST2Me Telnet client that is tailored to the ON4KST Chats. Provides a web based appearance while maintaining the bit lean connection and update speeds of telnet
HamCalc Excel Add-in module and LibreOffice macro containing radio amateur relevant functions 2013-10
Loc2GE Converts a locator to latitude and longitude to paste directly into Google Earth's search box
LIDLoc Latitude and longitude to locator conversion program tailored to OH5LID's usage
LocCalc Distance and directions calculation program using both Spheric, the perfect round earth model, and Vincenty's inverse ellipsoid algorithm with the WGS 84 earth model
NGNB S/W The Next Generation Beacons software page -
NoiseCalc Excel spreadsheet for calculating galactic noise and noise figure. Includes galactic, rural and sub-urban noise chart 2005-11
PI-RX Beacon monitoring program capable of decoding a PI4 encoded beacon, PI-RX by Poul-Erik, OZ1CKG, and the Next Generation Beacons group
PI4ino S/W The PI4ino - A Generic PI4 + CW + Carrier Arduino Beacon Controller - software page 1.6.1
PI4-TX Beacon transmitter program encoding PI4 and CW messages and generate the audio for a normal transceiver input, PI4-TX by Poul-Erik, OZ1CKG 1.0.2
PTT32 LPT, COM and virtual COM (USB adaptor) port PTT utility. For use with applications incapable of PTT under Windows
Remotino Remote monitoring of eight analog signals and eight digital signals using two Arduino Nanos 0.0.2
SiMon Signal monitoring program. Can monitor 48 different signal sources and present the results visually including min, max and average signal strengths. (Sub-development to DLogx)
TACLog VHF, UHF and SHF Contest Log Program. Probably the best around 2.02


Bo, OZ2M, www.rudius.net/oz2m